Getting Started with Bluescape APIs

Getting Started with Bluescape APIs

We have a number of resources available to help you get started with development quickly and efficiently.

What’s new in V3 APIs

Authentication and Application creation
In order to access APIs you will need a bearer token in header requests.

We provide a number of resources and tools to help with development

  • Guides
    step-by-step guides to help you with common use cases

  • API Reference
    Swagger documentation for REST calls

    • Workspace Content APIs: We provide APIs that allow you to create and modify elements in user workspaces. These are very useful when integrating with external systems that require a visual representation of data, images, or video.

    • Administration Management APIs: APIs that allow administration of workspaces including creating users, creating workspaces, granting permissions and more

  • GraphQL playground: Interactive graphQL playground is very useful for testing APIs and getting live documentation on API usage

  • Postman Collections: In addition to graphQL playground, you can download Postman Collections for both REST and graphQL to help you quickly test API calls and create bearer tokens